Apple Visual Graphics – Digital Printing

So, what is Digital Printing?

Digital Printing is the most current, and up-to-date printing process in the world today.

And how does it work you may ask?

It’s easy.

Your big idea starts as a tiny, tiny file buried inside a computer. It is then sent to a Digital Printer, that uses either a dry or powdered ink CMYK or RGB toner.

Aaannndd the bigger the project – the bigger the printer!

Whether you’re trying to wrap a Building… or a Bus… we live in an age where anything is possible!

And the advantages?

Digital Printing requires less turnaround time…

It allows every print to have its own unique print style using VDP (or Variable Data Printing)…

There is less wastage…

Aaannddd… It’s cheaper!

See, we told you this was easy.

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What is Digital Printing?