Screen printing halftone photographs on paper – COMPILATION TOKYO

For two days, on April 6 + 7, 2013, GOLIGA and SPBH (Self Publish, Be Happy) created a Fluxus-style atelier for silkscreen printing Harajuku, Tokyo. 12 photographers were invited to create and screen print their photography as part of a limited-edition publication, COMPILATION. Each photographer prepared and printed his or her own work, making the publication an entirely handmade production.

RISO GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Maker is the cutting edge technology in computer to screen. Imaged screens are created in one step thru direct exposure on thermally sensitive mesh via Thermal Technology eliminating the use of photo emulsion, film positives, water and darkroom.

Operation is extremely easy. No technical skills required, no RIP softwares, will work with PC and Mac, accepts even common filetypes: DOC or PDF files, 600DPI resolution and pinhole free screens.

Perfect setup for home, office, personal or small businesses.

GoccoPro100 unit is lightweight and portable making it the most clever, clean and cost effective solution for screen making.

GoccoPro screens are universal. Imaged screens will work with any water based inks, plastisol inks, solvent based inks (epoxy, vinyls etc) & UV curing inks.

Cleanup is easy – no additional equipment needed.
Screens can be easily dispose or keep and re-use.

Screen printing has never been so easy, fun and exciting!

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Screen printing halftone photographs on paper – COMPILATION TOKYO