Roland Versa Studio vs Digital HeatFX for T Shirt Printing

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The Roland Versa Studio BN-20 is a great tool for printing signage, but during this comparison between it and the Digital HeatFX system, you’ll see that it’s not the best tool for making t shirt transfers.

Here are the areas that the Digital HeatFX system makes more sense for making t shirt transfers:

– No Maintenance – The Roland Versa Studio uses ink to create the image on vinyl, so you get the maintenance and upkeep issues like with DTG. Head cleanings, etc are required. Digital HeatFX does not.

– No Weeding – in the end, the Roland Versa Studio is a vinyl cutter. With that comes the need to weed every transfer adding too much time to any t shirt order.

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Roland Versa Studio vs Digital HeatFX for T Shirt Printing [New Paper Time & Temps]