Qingddao Mingyang Textile Digital Printing Machine on sale


1.Printing part:
*Epson DX7 heads, or Seiko 508GS heads optional.
*Printhead height adjustable from 2mm to 30mm. For cotton printing, 2mm-3mm; For wool printing,3mm-5mm
*Sublimation ink, reactive ink, pigment ink etc can be used by this printer.
*After printing, a drying system helps to dry the wet ink.

*Panasonic server motor and variator
*Japanese bearing and bearing seat;
*Cartridge AC Server motor for high speed;
*THK rail guide.
*304# stainless steel shafts and screws.
*Machine body structure thickness: 10mm ~12mm.

3.Belt conveyor:
*German“SIEGLING” Conveyor belt specially for digital textile printing , it can work over 10 years.
*Glue: oil based, prevents fabric dislocation or movement, elastic fabric can be printed as well.
*Front and back Belt shafts diameter to 200mm.
*Bracket props up the belt and makes it smooth.

4.Belt auto self-clean system:
*2pcs sponge shafts instead of brush to protect the belt better and prolong the glue lifespan.
*Water-cycled pipe to keep the water tank and sponge clean.
*The washing system height is adjustable.
*After washing, the PID controlled drying system can dry the belt effectively.

5.Feeding and taking up system:
*Auto feeding shaft for fabric roll feeding; special tension bar attached for fabric sheet feeding.
*Silicone cylinder with pneumatic pressure control for fixing the fabric on the blanket.
*Taking up system: taking up convey strength and speed is controllable, according to different fabric adhesive feature.

Refilled ink supply: Continuous ink supply system, cost saving and easy maintenance.

Qingddao Mingyang Textile Digital Printing Machine on sale