How to Make One of a Kind (Discharge) Tye-Dye T-shirts (2) by ArJeiEmSi
This are One of a Kind Tye Dye T-Shirts by ArJeiEmSi. With Bleach. This are the T-Shirts I sell as Artworks they all come with a sample of (3) “Stickers” of my Artwork.

Discharge solution: (50% water + 50% Bleach)
works best with any garment that is 100% cotton, 95% cotton 5% spandex, and in dark colors to allow the bleach to take out the color.

After creating One of a Kind Garments with bleach, you must wash off the excess bleach in running water, then soak in a water container mix with white vinegar, for about (2-4 hours), the vinegar acts as a stopping agent to the bleach, it neutralizes the bleach so it doesn’t continue to destroy the fabric. After soaking, rinse the excess water and then wash clothes as you do with your laundry, with detergent to eliminate the odor from the bleach and vinegar. Then you can dry them in the dryer to eliminate any further shrinkage (pre-shrunk)

“Word of Caution” working with “Bleach” its extremely Toxic and hazardous for your health, Please use Gloves and if you can a respirator, and always work in a ventilated area where there is open air passing through.

When I started do do the shirts I did not use any gloves, and I could make anywhere from 15-25 shirts before my hands could not stand the bleach anymore, after making the shirt I soak the shirt with water then I rub off the excess bleach with the water running,I felt my hands soapy because of the bleach, eventually I could not make any more shirts for a couple of days because my hands were with holes on my fingers blistered from the bleach, I had to wait until my hands healed before I made any more shirts, I did this for about 3-4 times of making shirts, but every time had to wait for my hands to heal (if I had holes in my fingers, it would really hurt if I touch the bleach with my fingers) Later I found out the reason that my hands felt soapy was because the bleach was actually destroying my essential oils in my hands and fingers… After I learned that, I have never used this technique without making sure I had a good pair of gloves at all times making, handling, and soaking the shirts

This is a technique that I found in a book called D.I.Y. Design it Yourself Deck edited by Alissa Faden and Ellen Lupton, its not really a book but a collection of deck cards, that shows you different ways to do projects creatively. The technique showed how to apply writing with bleach to T-Shirts…

I had to modify the technique, because I got tired of my brushes disintegrating after 3 applications (3-T-Shirts) to use brushes make sure to use natural fibers, hair (really good quality hair brushes, camel hair, etc) So I decided to use different objects that were hard objects, preferably plastic, I started to use Kitchen Spoons, forks, knifes, (plastic) six-pack holders, fences, etc. anything that had an interesting shape that would work as a resistance to not allow the bleach to fall onto the Shirt.

After a little while it became really boring, so I decided to create Stencils of my work, characters from my paintings and different design elements, and photographs that I would convert into stencils, creating the collection of stencils I have right now, it keeps growing, but I have to find a way of creating the stencils faster, right know I use an x-acto knife or some form of very sharp blade to cut the stencils… It takes me about 4 hours to create very detail Stencils, but once I make them,I can use them for a very long time. I use to make them of cardboard, but again the bleach its so toxic that it would disintegrate the cardboard after 5 shirts, having to replicate the stencil, so I needed to find something more permanent, so that’s when I started to use Plastic Mylar Sheets ( 12 x 18 Plastic Mylar, and also sells a Stencil Cutter that works with heat…) I already bought one but the seller didn’t specify that it was for the European Market. and it only work with a 220v current so I have not been able to use it. very disappointing.

Any questions, feel free to send me a message.

How to Make One of a Kind (Discharge) Tye-Dye T-shirts (2) by ArJeiEmSi