– Emboss printing is huge right now, with designers all over the world opting for the less is more decoration technique. Learn this hack on how to emboss fabric with screen printing to achieve great results for your next apparel line. Learn more here:

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*******Fabric Embosing Hack*******

(0:43) Issues with the standard the embossing method
(1:13) Real embossing vs screen printing technique
(1:52) Best blank apparel for embossing
(2:35) Creating the embossed effect with puff ink

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About this video: In this video BELLA+CANVAS and Eagle Promotions show you that you can achieve the same embossed t-shirt effect without the need for an expensive embossing machine. By using puff inks and suede puff as well as color matching the ink with the shirt you can truly achieve the look and feel of an embossed t-shirt without the expense.

Embossing – How to Emboss Fabric with Screen Printing