DIY (do it yourself) Tie dye shirts

#song credits :imlaz117 🙂
-ketchup bottles
-fabric dye (i used dylon)
-buckets/pail/bowl (will probably be stained)
-400ml hot water
-white cotton t-shirt

Q and A’s
Q: must i use 400 ml water?
A: It depends on the dye instructions but if you add more water the dye will be light, if less, will be dark. So 400ml would probably be the best.

Q: Where can i get the dye?
A:At any art shop or hardware shop.

Q:Must i use the bottles?
A: no, its up to you, but the bottles will not make a mess and colouring process will be easier.

Q:Must the t-shirt be cotton?
A: I’m not sure but cotton would be best 🙂

Q:How do you dry it? How long?
A: Put them in a plastic bag and let dry under sun for 2 days. Then, rinse with water and hang dry under sun again.

Q: How many days should i let it dry?
A: 2 days but you can rinse it once its dry or damp.

Q:Must i wash it with detergent afterwards?
A: After taking the rubber bands out, hang dry. After its dry, wash with detergent or soap.

Q:Will it fade?
A:After a long long long time.. yes, it will fade a little depending on the fabric of your shirt.

***Q: Do i have to flip it over and do the same on the back?
A: Yes,you have to flip it over and do the same.. but make sure to follow the order of the colours. Example: If the front quarter is red, when you flip it over make sure the back of the red part is painted red too.. i hope its not too confusing :/ if you still don’t understand i’m willing to explain it again 🙂

If you have any more questions.. feel free to ask. Leave a comment? Subscribe? Thanks haha 😀

I hope you enjoy.
Song: Good day (instrumental) by IU credits to:imlaz117

DIY (do it yourself) Tie dye shirts