Digital HeatFX – The Future Of T Shirt Printing
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This is a demonstration on the Digital HeatFX Printer where you can print full color highly detailed artwork and press them on shirts, wood, metal, bags, mirrors and the list goes on. Check out as we walk through the showroom and show off how we made a lot of these items!

You can also use Metallic and Neon colors to make vivid or fancy touches to your artwork! There are so many ways you can use metallic along with your full color transfers to give it that edge above your competitors. Here is a full demonstration using Metallic Silver.

We use the Hotronix Fusion Heat press which is absolutely perfect for this process.There is a full professional package available.

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See how the Digital HeatFX can be the perfect solution for your business!

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If you want to see a full case study video of making t-shirts for warehouse staff, please watch it here:

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Digital HeatFX – The Future Of T Shirt Printing [New paper time & temps]