custom t shirts no minimum – design your own t shirt cheap with no minimum order

The website – offers custom t shirts no minimum order guarantee . Thus, from a big corporate to an individual customer can order custom single t-shirts with them. A customer will be able to choose the custom design elements to achieve a style to suit his/her personal fashion. Moreover, customers will also have the opportunity of choosing the fabric and materials and also the print and patterns for their custom t-shirts.

Are you tired of walking into shops and not finding something that suits your style? Or you find yourself a sweet cool printed T-shirt but just as you enter the subway you spot two other people wearing the exact same Tee! Are you a brand ambassador or small business owner looking to spread a message? We at Imprints-tshirt have the perfect solution for you: Customized T-shirt designs!

Imprints-tshirt provides you with cheap high-quality t-shirt design solutions that include both the customizable design and the t-shirt, but that’s not even the best part! The best part is that you get to customize your t-shirt from the comfort of your own space, everything is done online and when you have finished placing your order your unique T-shirt is delivered straight to you. So if you are too busy or just do not feel like going to the mall you have come to the right website.

Who can benefit from our cheap custom designed T-shirts?

Our service is set up to meet all customer needs. It does not matter what you want to use the t-shirt for, whatever you need we will deliver. The online store has a wide range of template designs that can be customized to meet different goals including:

• Designing brand and marketing t-shirts to promote businesses. Small business owners who are working on a tight budget can benefit from our high-quality t-shirts. Placing the order is simple and easy especially if you already have a good idea on what you want the t-shirts to look like. If you are having a ‘design block’ do not worry, just go through some of our templates for inspiration.

• You do not have to look and dress like everyone else, individuals who like unique fashion style can also get their custom printed t-shirts. You can very well set your own local fashion trend if you are creative enough.

• If you and your friends or family are planning a get together you can try out custom designed t-shirts to add a unique vibe to your event. In most gatherings people tend to order and give out the same t-shirts with the only variation being color, our online solution allows you to make unique style t-shirts for you all! For example, a reuniting class can order customized t-shirts to reflect what each person was known for back in the day, cool right!

• Couples can use custom designed items to mark and document important relationship milestones or just design cute t-shirt for fun.

• Sports teams, bridal team, party people…etc. can all use our online store to design and order unique items that are specially suited for their event or theme.

How to get your custom T-shirt

This is where Imprints-tshirt excels the most, getting your custom designed t-shirt has been simplified into 3 easy steps:

1. You choose from our online catalog a customizable product of your choice. Do not worry there is plenty of choices.
2. Personalize your item with the help of our inspiring customizable templates
3. Place your order and we deliver

Sounds too simple and good to be true right? Well, why don’t you try it and find out?

Imprints-tshirt customizable products

We have a wide range of items to suit many different styles. Customers can choose from some of these items:

• Different types of T-shirts (round neck, V-neck, long sleeve, short sleeve…etc.)
• Hoodies and sweaters
• Polo shirts for men
• Girly tanks
• Accessories like bags, caps, mouse pads and more

Delivery and Payment options

The Imprints-tshirt goal is to provide a convenient platform for customers to express their unique styles without too much hassle; as such we have made a free delivery service available to all customers with the package delivered within 8-9 days depending on your location. Payments can be made online through our secure checkout platform, we accept VISA, MasterCard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal, DISCOVER, and Cirrus.

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custom t shirts no minimum – design your own t shirt cheap with no minimum order